Another Totally Real Conversation I Had – Retro Version

I don’t know why I suddenly remembered this the other night. Probably sleep deprivation. I thought I would share.

When I first got out of college I went to work for a minor league hockey team, the Mississippi Sea Wolves. Hockey was still relatively new to Biloxi, and Hurricane Katrina was still six years and change away from flooding their arena. I started as an intern, got hired on full time when my internship was up, then got hired to replace the Director of Public Relations the next season because a) her job wasn’t that hard and b) dumbass 22-year-old me was willing to work for a solid twelve grand a year less in salary.

At any rate, sometime that year or the next, maybe the secretary was out to lunch? I don’t know, but I had to answer the phone? And I answered it and this girl was on the other end? And I think she was a teenager because every sentence that came out of her mouth, she raised her voice at the end so it sounded she was asking a question? It went like this:

Me: Mississippi Sea Wolves.

Girl: Hi, do you know if the new team in Jackson has picked a name yet?

Me: Sure don’t.

Girl: Well, they had a naming contest? Do you know when they’ll be picking a winner?

Me: I wouldn’t have any idea.

Girl: Well, can you ask somebody?

Me: I wouldn’t know who to ask. That’s a totally separate team. Completely different organization.

Girl: Well we entered the contest, and we really want to know when they’re going to pick the winner?

Me: Well, I really don’t have any idea, because they’re in Jackson, and we’re in Biloxi. And we are a completely different team. No relation.

Girl: Well we were just wondering when they’re going to pick the winner, because we picked the name Jackson Ice Busters?

Me: Well, as I said… Wait a minute, did you say “we?” You mean it took more than one person to come up with “Ice Busters?”

Girl: …

Me: Well good luck with that. Bye-bye now.


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