The Great Un-Following

Enough already. Stop. If I’m friends with you on Facebook, it’s because I think you’re at least okay enough for me to be curious and maybe care a little about what is going on in your life. I did not become virtual friends with you so I could read the rehashed political shit you post all day long. Do you really think that reposting that clever blurb is going to make people suddenly sit up and say “Hey! The Democrats/Republicans really are assholes! All this time I’ve been wrong!” Or are you just trying to get “likes” from your like-minded friends to make you feel like you belong somewhere? I’d rather see pictures of your kids/dogs/what you’re having for dinner than one more pointless political attack. On anybody. If you really feel you must make your outrage known, at least write it yourself. Don’t post links. That’s just lazy.
Here’s an idea. Go out and make something. Create. Forget about all the shit your political parties and their corporate overlords shovel you, and do something to make the world a brighter place. Write a poem. Buy a child an ice cream cone. Live.
Now join me, starting today, and unfollow everyone in your newsfeed who reposts someone else’s political bullshit. Sooner or later they’ll just be posting it to themselves, caught in a tiny misinformation loop. And we can all go back to looking at pics of each other’s dogs. But not cats, because f that.


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